Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Simple Toast Bread

We were having dinner at Macau Express last weekend and the kids ordered Pork Floss bread and some other snacks. I'll very much prefer that they eat proper food but since we're out and they hardly snack, I gave the green light. DD1 and DS2 devoured their dinner as fast as lightning. I've never seen them eat their dinner so fast! Hahaha!

I made a simple bread loaf using my basic bread recipe. However, I overturned the pan while cooling and the bread collapsed, that explains the height of this bread :( It was much taller, at least 0.5X taller.

I remember I grew up eating toast bread with condensed milk, and since I've got some left-overs from my Honeycomb Cake, I just spread some to let the kids try. I'm glad my children enjoy the bread as much as I did when I was a child :)

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