Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quick & Easy Breakfast

When I do not have time to prepare breakfast, I always give the kids breakfast cereals with milk. No preparation needed, just open up the pack, pour and serve :P

I was out for breakfast with sister C last Friday and I walked passed Ya Kun. Immediately I got "inspired", I could have prepared half-boiled eggs for them instead of the boring breakfast cereals (though I give them assortment all the time). This is the first time dd3 is taking half-boiled egg and I'm glad she's taking it well. Unlike her siblings, she doesn't eat her solids very well. But I'm happy as long as she's eating, even 1/2 bowl is good enough :)

This was cooked using my AMC pot and it's done in just a few minutes. No need to fill up water and soak the eggs. I just love my AMC pots!

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