Monday, May 25, 2009

Tau Pok with fillings

Tau pok, tau kwa, tau hoo, tau kee, tau huay etc.... All these are in dialects but what do you call them in English? Bean curd?? I'm always very confused when it comes to naming food. Is there a proper way to address them? Oh bother...

I've always love them, regardless of the texture and shape. I usually add some minced meat, fish paste, water chestnut and some fresh mushroom. I don't add any other seasonings as I find the fish paste already salty enough.

I've always prepared this dish without flipping the tau pok inside out but after seeing The Little Teochew's blog, I decided to try her method. Alas, it was a mistake. The tau pok got stucked to my AMC pan as I did not add any oil. I never need to add any oil when I roast it with the skin outside. Alright, I admit it's my negligence this time round. Lucky thing is, only a small portion of it got stucked.

DH doesn't usually eat bean curd stuff but he stole a piece of this as he likes the juicy fillings and the crunchy water chestnuts :)

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