Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sweet Breads

This recipe is from Auntie A. When she gave me the recipe, I wasn't too keen to make this as I do not like anything to do with shortening. But her curry buns are indeed soft and fluffy, even better than my regular Sweet Bread recipe as it still stay soft the next day. I made some modifications and replaced shortening with butter.

Ran out of pork/chicken floss so made do with tuna. But alas, I did not ration the fillings and I was short of 2 buns with fillings so I used kaya instead.

I'm not sharing the recipe here as I've not seek Auntie A's permission.

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marilou said...

hi. this bread look sooo soft and yummy! have you asked Auntie A if you can share the recipe? thanks!