Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ham and Cheese Bread

This is another ham and cheese bread that I've made for my family. My family just loves ham and cheese and when I run out of ideas, this combination will never go wrong.

Using my regular sweet bread recipe, I made these. As usual, I doubled the portion so I can freeze the bread. Made them into hotdog rolls and the usual chiffon pan but there's one small bun outstanding, so I just greased a chicken pie mould and left it to proof inside. I like this best as it's just too cute (quoted DD1).

The one in chiffon pan doesn't look too outstanding now, at least to me. Maybe because I've been baking breads in this pan and I'm too accustomed to the look of it hahahaha

DD1 just love this bread, she had it for breakfast and packed another for recess :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Blessed homemaker,

My kids love ham and cheese bread too:) Whenever i run out of ideas, I'll visit your blog. Not only have you blessed your kids and hubby with your good culinary skills and food, you have blessed my family of 6 too!

Your ham rolled in the bread is so perfectly done. When I did mine,I had empty pockets between the ham and dough after baking :(, far from your picture..I did try to roll the dough tightly together with the ham tho..
Can you share your tips how you rolled the ham in the dough without getting the empty pockets of air? tks and great day!


Blessed Homemaker said...

I'm happy to know that you visit for my blog for ideas :)

Wrt the rolling, I suspect you may not have released the air bubbles in the dough, thus the empty pockets. Try to punch down the dough before rolling it up.