Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chrysanthemum Agar Agar

HOT is the only word I can describe the weather now. I wanted to make jelly for the family but with DD1 and myself still coughing away, I decided on agar agar instead since it can set at room temperature and need not be eaten cold.

Instead of just making the plain agar agar, I decided on chrysanthemum agar as it's refreshing for a hot day. I just prepare the agar as per instructions on the packet but used chrysanthemum tea instead of water. A point to note is, when you are preparing the chrysanthemum tea, you need to add a little bit more sugar than required, else you will end up with a bland agar agar.

The next time I make this, I may want to replace the agar agar powder with water chestnut powder.

A handful of chrysanthemum flowers
A handful of wolfberries
1300ml water
A packet of agar agar powder
Rock sugar to taste

  1. Wash the chrysanthemum flowers and wolfberries.
  2. Bring water to boil.
  3. Put in the chrysanthemum flowers and let it boil for 5 - 10 mins. Remove from heat. Steep for 20 mins, covered.
  4. Sieve the tea into another pot.
  5. Add agar agar powder and rock sugar. Stir constantly and bring to a boil. Make sure that the powder and sugar have dissolved.
  6. Add in the wolfberries and let it brew in low fire for another 10-15 mins.
  7. Pour into moulds to set and let it cool. Chill before serving.

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