Thursday, May 28, 2009

金针菇芽菜瘦肉汤 & Sambal Mackerel

MIL gave me a bottle of sambal chilli and I have the perfect idea what to cook it with. However, the kiddos are still young so they can't quite take spicy stuff. DH can't consume anything spicy now so I pan-fried another portion of fish for them separately.

The original recipe came from our local DJ, Fenying but I only check out her cakes/kueh recipes as they do come with English translation. I saw this recipe in Irene's blog and she is really kind to help with the translation.

I like the slightly spicy taste of the ginger in this soup and I'm glad none of the kids protest. However, they don't like the ingredients in the soup except tomatoes.

大豆芽 : 150g (洗净

瘦肉 : 200g

金针菇 : 100g (切去根部, 洗净)
番茄 : 2个 (洗净, 切块)
粉丝 : 1扎 (用水泡软)
姜 : 4片

1) 把瘦肉洗净, 切片, 加入少许盐, 糖, 粟米粉拌匀, 待用
2) 把大豆芽放在白鑊炒香, 加水煮开
3) 下其他材料拌匀, 再滾10分鐘, 加盐调味即可

健脾開胃, 去湿除煩, 更可消除疲勞, 暢通小便,可日常经常食用

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