Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Char Siew Butter Rice

Do you have a comfort food? I'm not sure if Char Siew is our comfort food but I cook this pretty often and no, the family's not complaining :)

We had Char Siew Rice for dinner last night and everytime I cook this, I cook enough for 2 meals so that I can keep a portion for cooking fried rice the next day.

I used "Wu Hua" meat for my char siew and no oil added but check out the amount of oil from the meat!

Today, I don't feel like having fried rice as I don't like the finished dish. I just feel that it lacks the "omph" in it. I usually try not to cook fried rice, unless I have no other options. Cracking my head and draining my brain cells, I decided to cook butter rice.

I don't usually add meat into my butter rice but there's no harm having a new flavour. Now, that's the beauty of cooking as you can add any ingredients to your likings ;-)

And for sides, I was too lazy to whip up anything else so we just had salad with Italian Dressing.

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