Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pumpkin Rice II

While I was preparing breakfast in the kitchen, DS2 shouted out for me, "Mommy, come, quick!" I got a shock and dashed towards the bedroom. A "surprise" was waiting for me... DD3 climbed up the bed all by herself! Alright, today marks her milestone of climbing beds, hahaha! Instead of telling her not to climb, I taught her how to come down the bed the correct way ie legs go down first. I hope she gets the message fast as I do not have time to watch over her all the time especially if I'm busy in the kitchen.

Now, that's another good reason why I should continue to cook 1 dish meals:P

I've always cooked my pumpkin rice simple until I saw NoobCook's blog. She added mushrooms and wolfberries. I'm very curious to find out how it'll turn out as I've grown up eating pumpkin rice cooked by my mom. I didn't follow her recipe but simply added fresh mushrooms and wolfberries to my rice.

I bought an over 700g pumpkin and was thinking of keeping a portion to make pumpkin buns. But this bun recipe requires over 300g of pumpkin puree, that means I'm only left with less than 300g of pumpkin for my rice. As I prefer a more flavoured savoury rice, I just dumped the whole lot of pumpkins into the pot and cook it anyway. A bit overdosed on pumpkin here but I just love pumpkins so I'm not complaining ;)

DH is not a fan of pumpkin, in fact, he's not a fan of healthy food. Everytime I cook this, he will go "Not pumpkin rice again!?" He made the same remark (as usual) but he finished up every single grain on the plate I served him. I like this version better so I'll be cooking this more often ^-^


noobcook said...

I like your version with an overdose of pumpkin ... and I love one dish meals as well :)

Jackie said...

we are fan of pumpkin, a very healthy food, tastes sweet and yummy.

u can also cook porridge with cube pumpkin, gou qi zi, a spoon or 2 chao mi, it makes a very healthy porrige for everyone.

Noobcook really know how to cook....drooling!