Thursday, May 6, 2010

Angelica Chicken Soup (当归鸡汤)

My confinement lady cooked this for me towards the last 2 weeks of confinement and I like it alot.  Ever since then, I've been cooking this regularly as my children enjoy drinking the soup too.  I don't have the exact recipe but just based on estimation.

Afternote: This soup is mildly tasty as when I started off, I didn't know if my children will accept the herbal taste.  You may add more herbs or use less water for a more flavourful soup.

Angelica Chicken Soup (当归鸡汤)

500g chicken (can use drumsticks/thighs but I used 1/2 chicken this time)
2 -3 pcs of Chinese Angelica, (当归)
15 pieces of dried P. odoratum (玉竹)
10 red dates (红枣)
a handful of wolfberries (枸杞)
a handful of dried longan (桂圆/龙眼干)
1.5 litre water
Salt to taste
  1. Rinse all herbs with water and drain dry, set aside.
  2. Blanch chicken.
  3. In a pot, bring water to boil and add all the ingredients except wolfberries and salt.
  4. Using medium fire, bring water to boil again and cook for 5 - 10 minutes, reduce to small flame and simmer for 2 - 3 hours.
  5. Add in the wolfberries and let it brew in low fire for another 5 - 10 mins.
  6. Add salt to taste (optional) before serving.


WendyinKK said...

Oh yes, this is good.
But don't think dang guei should be taken often by children before puberty and men :)

Pete said...

I like the strong angelica herbal smell, make the soup taste good!

Unknown said...

I enjoy soups and I like the simple Chinese soups too. This is one of them:)

MaryMoh said...

I love this type of herbal soup. My mom says its good for health.

Cosy Bake said...

Happy MOther's day!!

Bakertan said...

Reminds me of the soup my mum prepares. Im pretty sure it tastes good!

I have a question here. you mentioned blanching pork ribs but there is no mention of porb ribs in the ingredients list.

Blessed Homemaker said...

Bakertan, thanks for visiting and highlighting my mistake, I've already made the change.

muimui said...

Sori for senting you so many post. I'm really deperated and helpless as i'm a newbies in baking. Bought the same model of your electric oven, but tried baking cakes and cheesecake and all turn out uncooked or burn.Can you kindly pls advise me on when heat element and rack to bake them. As i really like to bake such a lovely cake like yours. Thank you so much.

the garden harlot said...

these ingredients look so beautiful and make me so hungry ! i wish i was better in the kitchen !

My Little Space said...

My kids love this kind of soup very much! I think I'm still drooling over the cheesecake next to this! haha.... Btw, I have an award for you. Please feel free to pick it up. Thanks! Have a nice day!
Cheers, Kristy

Blessed Homemaker said...

muimui, sorry for the late reply as I didn't login to my blog. I used both top and bottom heat. I used the lower rack but raised it up slightly by placing another baking pan and a cooling rack below the pan filled with batter, you know what I mean? If you cakes turn brown fast but the inside is still uncooked, try to tent it with aluminium foil to prevent the top from getting burnt.

Blessed Homemaker said...

the garden harlot, thanks for visiting, I visited your blog, your pics are beautiful! Wish I could spend more time with nature, maybe when my kids are older.

Kristy, thanks for the award :)

Clare @ Mrs Multitasker said...

This looks really good... I lurve herbal soups.. mmm...