Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Marie Biscuit Steam Cake

Just the other day, my gf MH sms-ed me to ask for a steam cake recipe as she doesn't want to bake for one very simple reason:- baked cakes have trans fats.

Trans fats are found in thousands of food items, eg margarine, cakes, pies, pastry etc... I understand that small amounts of natural trans fat can also be found in meat and butter. However, I still THINK home-baked products are more superior than commericially bought food since we use quality ingredients. In addition, we don't add preservatives to our bakes and there are some ingredients (chemicals) we can choose to omit.

Back to this steamed cake. DD1 didn't like the taste when I first made this. A few months later, I made it again, hoping that she'll enjoy the cake. When she took her "first" bite, she smiled and says it's nice :)

MH, this is for you.

Recipe from here

Ingredients A:
300g marie biscuit (crush)
10g double action baking powder (sieve)

Ingredients B:
4 eggs
240g sugar (I use 160g)
240g milk
Vanilla oil : ¼ tsp

Ingredients C:
160g melted butter

Ingredients D:
15g cocoa powder (sieve)

  1. Mix Ingredients B into a mixing bowl stir till sugardissolves, strain
  2. Add in Ingredients A and mix until well combined
  3. Add melted butter and mix well
  4. Divide batter into 3 portions. Add cocoa powder into oneof the portion and mix till well combined
  5. Grease baking tin (20cm) and line with baking paper
  6. Pour 1st portion of plain batter into baking tin andspread neatly. Steam with high heat for 15 mins. Removebaking tin from steamer, prick
  7. Pour in 2nd portion of brown batter and spread neatly.Steam with high heat for 15 mins. Remove baking tinfrom steamer, prick
  8. Pour in 3rd portion of plain batter and spread neatly.Steam with high heat for 15 mins. Remove baking tin from steamer and let cool.


Anonymous said...

Dear friend, thanks for the recipe! Gee....u really actively baking! Keep it up! Actually, more interested in yr cheese brownie instead. Look tempting to me!! :)) MH

delia said...

Hi, just found your a few days ago. Nice blog you have. About this recipe, can we just use oil instead of melted butter?

Blessed Homemaker said...

Hi Delia,
Thanks for dropping by. Yes, you can use oil but the cake will not be as fragrant as using melted butter.

Ean said...

I do not need to use electric

Blessed Homemaker said...

No mixer needed for this recipe, just a whisk/spatula will do the job.