Friday, March 27, 2009

Ham and Cheese Ring Bread

After a "failed" attempt, I decided to bake this again. Why fail?

  • The bread doesn't look appetising.
  • Due to the mayo, it makes this a mushy bread and DS2 doesn't like his bread moist. He had a hard time trying to finish up his breakfast then.
This time round, I baked 2x the recipe. 1/2 with ham and cheese and the other 1/2, I had wanted to make cinnamon rolls but found out that my cinnamon powder has already expired. So I just added some sugar and raisins. Also, I omitted mayo in the fillings since DS2 doesn't like it.
DD1 had the raisins roll for breakfast this morning and packed the ham and cheese bread for recess whereas DS2 finished up the whole ham and cheese bread within mins :) I forgot to get feedback from DH the other time. He's still out of town so I froze some breads for him. Will find out which version he prefers when he's back.

Auntie A made this last week and SL sent me a pic of it. I'll just post her pic here too. She made 8 buns instead of 6. Her bread is nicely browned and I think her bread looks more appetising.


      Irene said...

      mmhh.. I actually prefer yrs..

      Jackie said...

      Your kids are lucky to have so many choice of home-baked bread.

      dailydelicious said...

      Hi,I think the adaptation is great.
      ^ ^