Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gift From The Heart

Auntie A cooked gingko nut with beancurd yesterday and knowing I love this dessert, she called last evening to check if we're at home as she wanted to deliver this sweet dessert to me together with her curry buns.

Talking about curry buns, it's all thanks to SL. I met Auntie A at the supermarket last week and she was tasked by SL to buy a pack of bread flour as SL wanted to bake the Ham & Cheese Bread. However, Auntie A anticipated that SL will most probably give some lame excuse and Auntie A will end up baking the bread herself. As expected, SL didn't bake the bread so Auntie A baked some curry buns.

It's so nice of her to think of us. However, we were out at my bro's house for a family gathering so she delivered these to us early this morning.

The breads were kept in the fridge overnight so I just put them into the microwave oven to heat it up for a few seconds. The texture of the bread is very soft and light.

Thanks again Auntie A ^-^

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