Friday, March 27, 2009

AMC Claypot Sliced Beef Rice

Ever since SL taught me how to cook claypot chicken rice the AMC way, I've been cooking this dish at least thrice a month as it's such a simple dish to prepare. For me, I always go for simple recipes. Nothing fanciful, nothing complicated, best preferred quick and easy.

I'm not sure if kids and DH ever get bored eating this dish but I'm tired cooking the same dish so regularly. Just the other day, I was on MSN with SL and she shared with me that Auntie A cooked this with sliced beef too. For a health reason, DH is unable to consume too much red meat so I can only cook this when he is not in town.

The way of cooking is the same , just that you replace chicken with sliced beef. Also, instead of adding chinese sausage, I added 2 big onions (oh, I love onions!) and stir fried some french beans to go along. I could have added fresh mushrooms too but with the unpredictable weather, it's difficult for me to lug 3 kids to the supermarket. I can live without the mushrooms in exchange for some peaceful moments.
This is indeed a scrumptious dish :)

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