Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baguette + Eggs

DH bought 2 loaves of baguette for last week's BBQ gathering. I reckon it's too much since we have roti prata too, so I kept a loaf in my freezer. I love to freeze my breads as they always come in handy when I don't have time to bake. Although I have a bread machine, I don't like to bake my loaf in it as machine baked loaf comes in ultra thick crust.

Checked my fridge and I'm left with 3 eggs. Great! I can make french toast for the family. As I was carrying dd3 and trying to pick up the eggs with 1 hand, an egg dropped! OMG! Accidents happened especially when you are rushing for time (so for drivers out there, do not drive recklessly just because you're rushing, it's dangerous). I was cursing and swearing as this means I have to spent some time cleaning up :(
I dipped the sliced baguette into the balance 2 eggs which I beat up and sent it into my non-stick pan and here's what we had for our breakfast :)

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Jackie said...

we love french toast too.