Thursday, April 30, 2009

AMC Steamed Chicken Rice

Another hectic day for me. Just brought DD3 to the doctor today as her fever has not subsided. I've been self medicating for the past 2 days but I just have an uneasy feeling so decide to bring her the doctor, just to ease my mind. Doc diagnosed as common cold and cough, and I just have to make sure she drinks enough fluid.

Looking after 3 kids is no easy feat. Having them all fall sick at the same time and I have to administer medicine together is yet another headache. I have to record down who took what medicine at what time. Each child has 2 medicine, 1 for runny nose and 1 for cough. I need to constantly take temp of all 3 and if fever arises, I need to give Paracetamol. So many things to do! How on earth am I going to remember all these?

Oh well... with such an "eventful" day, I need to cook simple food (when do I ever cook complicated dishes? Hahaha!)

I decided to cook chicken rice after going through my fridge. I always try to remove as much fats and skin before cooking so as to minimise eating all those fats. My gfs always say I'm such a health freak. But honestly speaking, I don't think I'm such a freak. I just reduce consumption for my family as much as I could.

I will ususally give the chicken drumstick and thigh to the kids. Instead of cooking fragrant rice, I just cook plain white rice.

I'm not sure if anyone have heard of this but there is this saying that a person should not consume chicken if he is having a cough. I do not know if there is any truth in it or it is just a myth. Let's hope their cough don't get worst after eating chicken :P

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