Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another gift from Japan!

This is an overdue post. I received this gift last month but forgot all about it.

It came in this packaging...

with a nice little doughnut clip ;-)

The gift: a chiffon cake knife :-)


Sonia said...

this gift from a blogger friend?

Nate @ House of Annie said...


so, does it work?

Happy Homebaker said...

I love shopping at Tokyu Hands! What lovely and useful gifts you have received :D

Blessed Homemaker said...

No, this is from a Japanese friend. Very thoughtful of her :)

Nate and Annie,
It's still brand new in packaging as I don't own any chiffon cake pans. I've been using my butter knife to remove my chiffon cake so far, no problem at all.

I've never been Japan but I heard so much about Tokyu Hands. I admit it's a very lovely gift :)