Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fresh Cherries

I still remember when we were in New Zealand years ago, we chanced upon a cherry farm. The cherries are big, fat and juicy. We bought 1 kg, thinking that it'll be more than sufficient for the 3 of us (DH and DO) but we were wrong. We finished up almost the whole pack on that night itself! So the next day, we made a big detour to the cherry farm (that's like 1 hour drive from where we stay) and bought another kg. This was the time when I fell in love with fresh cherries.

Last night, DH decided to go visit Giant (local supermarket). There was basically no agenda, just to bring kids and MIL out for some night shopping (our very first night shopping).

They are having some fruits promotion and fresh cherries is one of them. I vaguely remember fresh cherry's prices are between SGD15 and SGD20 per kilogram. There is a 3 days offer and it's only SGD9.90/kg now! The best thing is, the staff just packed the cherries and they are very fresh. Without any hesitation, I bought 2 kg of them. 1 kg for my family and the other pack for my MIL.

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