Friday, July 24, 2009

DD1's birthday

7 years ago, I was lying in the hospital with my newborn in my arms. Today, she has turned 7. I can't imagine how time passed so quickly, like the flash of a lightning.

While I'm blogging here, my mind is in a whirl, thinking of the best solution for the forthcoming surgery next week. DD1 is diagnosed with Otitis Media with Effusion (OME) and is scheduled for a surgery on Thursday. DH just called to inform me this morning that he will need to travel to Philippines this Tuesday and won't be back till Friday. This implies that I'll have to bring DD1 to the hospital all by myself. I just called the hospital and was told I can't bring other children along. So what's going to happen to DS2 and DD3? I need to keep my cool to have a clear mind in order to think better. One alternative is to reschedule the surgery which I'm not particularly keen as we've already done that once due to her allergy cough. Another alternative would be to leave my 2 younger ones with my inlaws. But I'm worried about DD3, she's on total breastfeeding and I ain't sure how she'll react since I'm her caregiver from day 1. Oh well, will see how it goes.

Today is DD1's birthday and I made her a mango mousse cake. She had originally asked for a jelly cake but I declined as she has just recovered from her cough and nephew J doesn't like anything mushy (we're going to celebrate her birthday at my inlaws tonight).

I tried out a new chiffon cake base following Florence's recipe but it yields a huge/tall cake. I baked in a heart shaped pan and a 4.5" round pan, when baked, they rose up to the brim of the cake pan. As I don't own any cake rings, I had to use back my heart shaped pan (with removable base) to assemble the cake. Looking at the height of my cake pan, I know I can only add 1/2 the baked cake so I sliced them really thin. The mousse layer is not evenly spread so I had to cover it up with a mango puree topping to hide the flaws :P

Don't know how it'll turn out but the end result sure looks appetitising, at least to me. I hope she will like this cake.

I'll be back for more updates after the cake cutting tonight.


B.Karen Goh MM said...

Is your daughter's condition serious? I'm have never heard of this condition before. Anyway I hope things will somehow work out for you next week. I understand how things can be tough when hubby is away and you've got to handle everything yourself. I'll be in a frenzy if it happens to me :oP

Irene said...

Hope all goes well..

Blessed Homemaker said...

OME is the name for fluid found in the middle ear, and this fluid contains bacteria. Will cause some hearing loss and prone to ear infection. The ENT specialist suggested tube placement ie to insert a tube into the middle ear through a tiny incision through the eardrum.

Still trying to get help but nothing so far. Thanks for being here, "listening" to my fuss.

Thanks for your concern.

Can I Travel to Philippines with Only US$1000 said...

i hope she's okay now...