Friday, April 24, 2009

Hamburger - basic bread recipe

Using the basic bread recipe, I made some hamburgers for dinner. Made 4 regular sizes for DH and myself and 2 mini sizes for kiddos.

Grilled some zucchini and sprinkled parmesan cheese on top, only DS2 and myself like this.

I sandwiched with sliced cheese and minced meat pattie which I've seasoned and added breadcrumbs to it (I attempted the minced beef pattie method, usually I just add corn flour to minced pork meat). The family likes it better this way so I'm going to stick to this "recipe" the next time I make this again.

DD1 told me to bake the pattie instead of frying so that it's healthier. Ok dearie, I've noted your request ;-)


Irene said...

Wow! DD1 alrdy knows how to eat healthy..

Blessed Homemaker said...

I've been insinuating her thoughts, hahaha