Thursday, April 30, 2009


I finally made my very own red bean paste! I've always love red bean paste but commercially bought ones are way too sweet for me. Just one bite and I feel as if my teeth could fall off anytime!

I soaked the red beans overnight till it plumped up in size and cook them in my AMC pots for a mere 30 mins. Drain, add sugar and a pinch of salt, continue to cook. Cook till mixture dries up and become paste-like. Unfortunately the paste got too dry as I was multi-tasking (feeding medicine to my children) and couldn't watch over the fire. I couldn't be bother to add more water and watch over the fire again so I just left it as it is. The original recipe calls for the usage of a blender but I skipped that and mashed it with a big spatula instead as I prefer my paste with a slightly coarse texture.

Dorayaki is one of DH's favourite snack. Not just the father alone, the 2 elder kiddos like sweet snacks too. When I saw this recipe here, I told myself I must make it one day. Commercially bought ones are just too sweet, I can always reduce sugar accordingly for homemade ones :)

We had these for breakfast today but the paste kept falling apart. There are some leftover red bean paste so I stored them in the freezer. I'm thinking if I could salvage them by adding more water to it and zap it in the microwave. Planning to make Min Jiang Kueh for breakfast tomorrow, will update again if I do make it.

Red Bean Paste
150g Red beans
110g Sugar (I use 60g)
A dash of Salt

  1. Wash the beans, cover the cold water, and soak overnight. Drain beans and discard water. Place beans in a saucepan, add cold water, and bring to a boil over high heat. Cover, reduce heat to medium-low, and simmer 1 hour, or until very soft. Monitor the pan to make sure water doesn't dry up.
  2. Place the beans in a food processor and process until smooth (or if you like you can process only to break it up). In a medium saucepan (preferably non-stick) add the bean paste, add the sugar. Cook, stirring until the mixture is dry.

120 g Cake flour (sifted)
2 Eggs
100 g Sugar (I use 60g)
1 tbsp Honey
50 ml Water
Oil for frying (I omit since I'm using a non-stick pan)
360 g Sweetened red bean paste

  1. Beat the egg and sugar until thick and light in color and add the honey, beat to combine.
  2. Mix the water, whisk to combine follow by the flour and whisk to combine.
  3. Tap the bowl to release some air from the batter, cover with cloth and let the batter rest for 30 minutes.
  4. Stir the batter lightly to loosen it.
  5. Fry the pancake over low heat, when the pancake has bubble all over, flip the pancake. And fry the other side until golden.
  6. Place the pancake on the wire rack until finish with all the batter.
  7. Spread the red bean paste on one pancake cover it with another to make a sandwich.

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