Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Strawberry Milk Pudding

This is my own creation. After some trial and error, I finally got the close to perfect pudding that I wanted.

BUT, today's pudding is a disaster. Why? I always make this using junior milk ie 200ml. I don't know what got into me but I used a standard pack of 250ml UHT milk instead. Although the pudding set, it's too wobbly to be removed from the moulds. I only know I'm suffering from insomnia, didn't know I'm suffering from dementia too :P

When I tried to unmould it, I knew there's a problem as the toothpick I used kept poking into the pudding and breaking it up. So I better take a pic of the puddings while they are still in the mould.

After I've unmoulded it, I can't even move them about as it's too wobbly. If I were to exert a little bit more strength, the pudding will break (look at the heart shape pudding, it's deformed).

I like this bear mould, so cute :)

Strawberry Milk Pudding

200ml strawberry milk
2 1/2 tsp - 3 tsp gelatin powder
30ml hot water

1. Dissolve gelatin powder in 30ml hot water.

2. Stir cooled gelatin solution into strawberry milk.

3. Pour mixture into mould and leave it to set in the fridge.


Casey said...

Dear BH, may I know the teaspoon you use is the small steel tea making teaspoon or the plastic baking teaspoon?


Blessed Homemaker said...

I use medicine dispensing spoon, those plastic ones given by the clinic.

SugarBitz n MilkyBar said...

Hi there,
I came across the photos for your milk pudding and they looked lovely. I tried making them today and they were really nice. Thanks for sharing :)