Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun Shaped Pancakes

Using the same buttermilk pancake recipe, I attempted something fun. I really enjoy seeing my children devouring my cooks/bakes. All time and efforts spent are definitely worth it.

DS2 asked for a tree and DD1 asked for a heart shape pancake. These are my best efforts though they aint perfect.

Wanted to give DS2 a surprise by making the shape of Mickey Mouse but one of the ear went out of shape :P

Another Mickey Mouse attempt but end up it looks more like a bear, so bear it shall be hahaha.

Here's another failed Mickey Mouse attempt. To salvage it, I managed to change it into a pear :)

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Irene said...

I made these too for d past 2 mornings & Hayden ate them all! Great idea to get kids eating!