Monday, April 13, 2009

Another family gathering :)

During the long weekend, I've been so busy I didn't have time to update my blog. I feel I'm getting a little lerthargic. Am I getting old in age? Or maybe because DH is at home, thus I'm busier? I always feel that when DH is at home, I seem to have alot more work to do. Besides taking care of the 3 kids, I have an overgrown "kid" to take care of too. Maybe that explains why...

On the eve of Good Friday, I was on a baking marathon:- Honeycomb Cake, Lemon Yogurt Cranberries Chiffon Cake (again??) and 9 layer Nyonya Kueh (九层糕).

We had another family gathering at my parents on Good Friday. Sister E was supposed to do the 九层糕 but she msn-ed me on Wed to say she couldn't make it. I didn't dare to commit as I've got to do my regular marketing in the morning, rush home to cook lunch, bake the cakes and prepare dinner. What's more, with 3 rascals at home creating havoc, I wasn't sure if I can manage.

For the Honeycomb cake, I melted the sugar in the morning before sending DS2 to school, followed by a trip to the supermarket to do my grocery shopping with DD3. MIL called while I was cooking lunch to ask if the 2 elder kids want to go over for lunch and I readily agreed (who wouldn't since I can finally have some ME time)! Baked the Honeycomb Cake after lunch and while the the cake's still baking in the oven, I prepared the ingredients for the chiffon cake. As I've baked the Honeycomb Cake in a bigger size cake pan, it took a much shorter time to bake. I was panicking as I was halfway through my chiffon preparation. Nevertheless, I made it in time. I always tell myself not to multi-task but habits die hard :P

That night, kids slept late and I dozed off with DD3. When I woke up, it's already past midnight. I've got 2 laundry baskets of clothes piled up, waiting to be washed. Although sleepy, I dragged myself out of bed to dump them into the washing machine. And while waiting for the cycle to complete, I made the 九层糕.

Lemon Yogurt Cranberries Chiffon Cake

This is my all time favourite cake now. I just couldn't resist baking this cake and wanted very much for my materal family to try it.(I just realised I've made this 3 times within 2 weeks!!).

This cake didn't crack too much on me :)

All sliced and packed, ready to go ^-^

My dad likes this kueh. The first time he tried this, he commented it's not sweet enough. Original recipe asked for 210g sugar but I've only used 150g (which I find it just right). But for this attempt, I used 180g sugar instead. Sister E commented that it's still slightly sweet, I could have used 170g instead. Oh bother, it's so difficult to please everyone...

I remembered to use the smaller Corningware this time round and I managed to get a higher kueh. However, I screwed up at the 6th/7th layer. I was probably distracted and before the 6th layer was set, I poured in the 7th layer. I saw the batter sinking into the layer below :( Thank goodness it's not the last layer, else I'll have lots of polka dots on the surface :P

I was left with only a packet of coconut milk ie 200ml so I substituted the balance with water. Another mistake as this makes the kueh extremely sticky. I should stick to my ususal 400ml coconut milk and 80ml water.


Shopaholic2802 said...

What can I say except....I kowtow to u SuperMOM!!!!

Jackie said...

I like the lemon Chiffon cake, very nicely baked.

Blessed Homemaker said...

Jackie, you should try baking this, it's highly addictive!

Unknown said...

Hi Blessed Homemaker,

Can i used vanilla essence to replace vanilla oil.


Blessed Homemaker said...

I do not know which recipe you are referring to but yes, you can generally replace vanilla oil with vanilla essence.