Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Strawberry Marshmallow Cake

Due to the long weekend, we were out the whole of Good Friday. I had wanted to bake DH's birthday cake on Sat but was overwhelmed with all the chores (when will it ever end??). Finally found time to bake the cake late at night when all are sleeping. Honestly speaking, I hate baking at night for one simple reason:- if DD3 wakes up for her night feed, whatever I'm doing has to come to a halt. Can you imagine whisking the egg whites half-way but I got interrupted and needs to be away for 10 - 15 mins? What's going to happen to my eggs then?

As I was whisking the eggs, I had to constantly turn off the mixer and listen for cries, if any. It's too stressful... I'm glad DD3 was cooperative while I was busy preparing the cake batter. When it finally went into the oven, I was relieved. But wait, the next stressful thing is, the baking time and temp. I usually bake this cake with 3 eggs but this time round, as I intend to celebrate his birthday at my inlaws, I decided to increase the portion and did 5 eggs instead. This is my 1st attempt in using 5 eggs for this recipe.

I started baking at 170C for 10 mins, lower the temp to 160C for another 20 mins. While the cake was in the oven, DD3 woke up for milk! When she finally went back to sleep, I checked for doneness of the cake. I knew instantly the moment I insert the satay stick into the cake to check for doneness, it's definitely overbaked! Damn! I couldn't be bothered to bake another cake, what's more I don't have any spare time to make a 2nd cake.

This is such a girly cake but what to do? I ran out of blue colourings and left with only red and yellow. I decided to combine 2 colours into the whipped cream and got this.

I still have lots of room for improvement as far as my decoration skill is concern. I just can't get a smooth surface. I attribute that to my lack of skills and another possibility is, my cream layer is thin thus unable to get the smooth effect (lame excuse :P)?

Besides the usual strawberries, I was thinking what else can I add to make it "unusual"? Ransacked my fridge and found a packet of marshmallows. Sliced each into half and placed them in between the strawberries. There we have it, a Strawberry Marshmallow Cake! Hehehe...

This is how the cake looks inside. See? I'm not a cream person so my cream layers are all very thin. I think it defeats the purpose to have a thick cream cake (just to look nice) and people starts scrapping it away when they eat it.

My nephew J usually eats a mouthful or so and will pass it to his mother to finish up the cake. But for this cake, he actually finished up the whole slice I gave him! I'm so happy :)

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