Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gummy Bear Cake

This is a follow up post on DS2's birthday.

We had visitors at my inlaws and I'm not sure if the texture of the cake is alright. I remember the first time I baked a layered cake, I overbaked the sponge cake and the cake was too dry. I hope I won't embarrass myself today (kept my fingers crossed throughout).

This is a 2 layer cake, sandwiched with canned peaches. The cake is light and fluffy. I'm glad I didn't cause any discomfort to anyone, and that's a great relief. Phew!

The fresh cream tasted quite alright and I'm happy with the end result. Whipping of dairy cream is not that scary after all. I used to buy this non dairy whipping cream (house brand) from a local bakeware shop but I find that it has a very strong taste of palm oil which I detest. I'm now more confident to use dairy cream and this means I have more options when I bake layered cakes, yippy! :)

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