Saturday, May 9, 2009

Crispy Anchovies - Microwave

My children loves anchovies but I hate to fry them. Don't like the oil and the cleaning up part :P Sis C taught me this years ago and I've been using this method, quick and easy, and most importantly, healthier!

Microwave on High for 2 mins, remove and give it a stir, microwave for another 2 mins.


Mdm Butter said...


Do you wash it? I ever wash before frying but it turn out not crispy. What is your method?


Blessed Homemaker said...

Hi Mdm Butter, did you fry them in oil or used the microwave? I did wash and soak the anchovies, always turn out crispy for me.

Goody Egg said...

I used oil. I'll try your method, so much convenient. Tks

Blessed Homemaker said...

If you use oil, you have to pat them really dry before frying in oil.