Monday, June 15, 2009

Being appreciative

Time passed fast in the past 1 week despite no access to the internet. That's because I've been really busy at my parents'. I never knew I could cook up a storm :P Alright, I must admit it is not anything fanciful but to cook for 6 - 7 adults and 4 children is not a simple task. I've never cook this much throughout my entire life! For those who know me, you know I'm a Technican student with no Home Econs background. I can neither cook nor bake, and of course, I can't do needlework. How I got started was after having DD1 when she started eating solids. I had no choice but to step into the kitchen and I only started baking "intensively" 1 - 2 years ago.

Back to being appreciative... I used to complain about my MIL (mother-in-law), the way she handles/cooks our meals. When I was back at my parents, I was shocked to see the amount of frozen food in the freezer!

  • Fish X 4 packets
  • Prawns X 7 packets (each packet consists of at least 20 prawns)
  • Pork Ribs X 5 packets
  • Shoulder meat X 3 packets
  • Minced meat X 5 packets (I estimate it to be around 400g each)
  • Otah (from Msia) X 6 packets
  • Rice dumpings X 5 packets (each pack has 6 - 8 dumplings)
  • many more...
I can't blame my parents as my mom has "unexpected guests" visiting all the time. You see, there are 8 siblings in the family and most of us are married with kids. And whenever there's a festival, we will all be back for meals. Even without any special occassion, any impromptu visit from either one sibling will add on to the amount of food she needs to prepare.

I've always taken my parents for granted, especially my mom. I only started to appreciate her after I've delivered DD1. Thinking back... what took me so long to understand her? As parents, they will do what is best for their children, which is what I'm doing now for my children. Even towards my parents-in-law (PIL), I've also taken them for granted when I first got married. After being a sahm, I've learnt to appreciate my MIL more.

Have you been appreciative towards the people around you?


Irene said...

I wish am more appreciative to my mum when she was staying with me..

Happy Homebaker said...

Like you, there are 8 sibilings in my family, so I know the amount of work involved when cooking for the entire extended family!

Blessed Homemaker said...

Tell me about it! But on a positive note, I truly enjoy myself when I go back for a gathering, there are simply so many pple and so much to catch up with.