Sunday, June 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home :-)

Finally back home...

Nope, I wasn't away for a holiday although I wished I was. For the past few days, I was back at my parents because my mom had a fall last week and there is a crackline in her wrist bone. I do not know how bad is the fracture but she's currently on cast now. With a cast on her left hand, she can't do much. DH is such a dear, he suggested I go back to my parents place since it is school holidays. It didn't occur to me that he wanted me to go back to help out until Sister E mentioned the same thing.

It is definitely no easy feat to stay over especially when I have 3 young children. Imagine the amount of clothes and diapers (for DD3) I have to lug. Also, things are not the same there, no oven, no bread machine, limited kitchen space, different utensils etc... And most importantly, no access to the internet!! I missed chatting up with friends (you know who you are) and surfing the Net for new recipes.

Actually, there is internet access but I really do not have time to surf when I'm there. What's more, the computer belongs to my brother M and he needs to use the computer too.

Anyway, I'll be going back to my parents place again tomorrow and won't be back till Friday. This means that I won't be able to blog. Do drop me a note if you miss me ;-)

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KWF said...

Hope your mum is better now. Take care of yourself while you take care of others.