Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Missing naps....

I know I shouldn't be neglecting this blog of mine but I've been busy and feeling lazy.  My apologies to all whom have left me a note in the comment box.  I'll try to find time to reply soonest.

Remember I said DD3 is skipping her nap?  I was washing up in the kitchen and when I returned to check on DD3, I saw this!

Initially I thought she was just feeling restless and was just resting.

Her favourite Kong Bak Pau but she was too tired to finish it up.

Can you see the pau in her mouth?  It was only 6.30pm...  Woke her up to finish her dinner and sent her to bed at 8pm.

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WendyinKK said...

same goes, my girls love to skip their naps too.. then coma on the sofa at 6 something. LOL.