Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 Snowskin Mooncakes

DD3 started missing her nap a few weeks ago.  I decided it is time to drop her pm nap because when she does nap, she doesn't fall asleep easily at night.  I'll rather keep her awake in the day and let her sleep early when night falls.

With 3 children constantly yakking behind my back, I literally cannot do much baking.  Thankfully most birthdays are over and the next celebration will be in Nov.  I still have some time to continue taking my breather.  But I promised Mom I'll make her mooncakes again this year.  So besides the baked mooncakes, I made snow skin mooncakes too.

DH likes matcha mooncakes so I made him these.  Although the paste is low sugar, we still find it way too sweet to our liking.  And the colour is so fake.  Unlike the ones I made last year, I love that colour.  Yes, I used artificial colour paste this year as my matcha has not arrived.

Again, I added some colours to this as I recall SL telling me it is inauspicious giving away white mooncakes.

I'm submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #11 for September 2011 by Happy Home Baking.

Recipe can be found here.


Aunty Liew said...

So pretty those snowskin mooncakes. I like all those patterns.

muimui said...

Nice snowskin mooncakes! Thanks for sharing the green tea snowskin mooncake, my family loves it alot.