Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun Shaped Bread

DH flew off to China this morning and I'm home alone with the kids again.

This is another of my no-brainer breakfast for the kids. I just cut out the sandwiches using my largest cookie cutter and the kids adore them! Children are such innocent people, they get fascinated with such simple things in life.

Each older child gets a star and a heart shaped sandwich with sliced bananas. The youngest doesn't seem interested, probably too young to appreciate such stuff.

Who else eats the balance but me!!

That's 8 slices of bread minus the centre and I finished them up, all by myself! Definitely a big eater and that explains why my kids are so too :P Now just praying DD3 will eat like her 2 siblings. Fingers crossed.


B.Karen Goh MM said...

I think I'm gonna get some large cookie cutters to do the same thing too!.. somehow the outer appearance of food seem to fool kids to think it's nicer to eat! Now I'm also getting some weird ideas like rolling bread with seaweed sheet and pork floss to make mock sushi roll! wondering if the seaweed can actually hold it together though.. haha You can also try this: lay the sliced bananas evenly on the bread and then layer with a thin spread of honey, then toast the whole thing. I haven't tried this on my kids but my mum used to make these when i was still a kid. But dun spread too much honey or become too sweet and soggy.

Blessed Homemaker said...

I got these cutters from Daiso, it comes in a set of 5 ;-)

Coincidentally, I've always wanted to make the seaweed roll bread too but procrastinating again...

Thanks for the tip, I'll try that next time I replenish my honey.

sherlyn said...

Sorry so many comments in one night. When I do shaped bread sandwich for the kids, I am also the one to finish the bread (minus the centre) .. but I grew sideway alot (not like you, so slim)