Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to grow basil from cuttings

Some years back, I've tried growing rosemary, thyme and dill but they didn't survive.  I didn't read up on how to take care of these herbs, thus overwatering and causing the roots to rot.  I concluded I do not have green fingers and never attempted herbs growing again.

Until a few weeks ago, my lovely neighbour gave me some of her herbs cuttings (actually, they came with roots).  Unfortunately, the thyme didn't make it :-(

A few days later, she bought me a pot of dill.  I repotted but look what happened after 3 days :-(

I trimmed off the wilted portion, hoping to salvage the situation.  Another unsuccessful effort.  Probably too much water as one morning, when I was about to water my plants, I saw some of my pots were wet.  Apparently, neighbour's maid been watering my plants too, with her excess water from watering their own.

Early this month, I saw some herbs being sold in the local supermarket near home.  There were sage, rosemary, thyme and sweet basil.  I've not read up on sage so I decided not to buy that.  The thyme on sale doesn't look fresh and I reckon it probably won't survive repotting.  It's now between rosemary or basil.  Prior to this, I've googled and read up on growing herbs from cuttings.  Although it looks easy with rosemary, I didn't have much luck in my previous attempt.  Basil seems easier as you can soak the stem in water for 1-2 weeks and roots will grow.

It took only 5 days for the roots to grow.  I transferred them to a pot of soil and diligently bring them into the house every morning to get more sunlight.  So if you do see some fresh basil on sale in your supermarket, you might want to consider growing some yourself :-)

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WendyinKK said...

Basil is the easiest to grow. I have so much now, they are like weeds.
I just poke them into the soil (no rooting in advance) and they grow. Just that they need full sunlight.
Thyme needs full sunlight too and less water. All my herbs are growing in full morning sun.
My sage is huge now, don't use it much.