Monday, October 11, 2010

Chayote and Fresh Chinese Yam Soup

Just a quick update on soup using chayote and chinese yam.

I have only 1 large chayote so I just make do with it but reduced water accordingly, else the soup will be too bland.  This is a milky soup as chinese yam is used, supposingly to relieve cough and colds.

Another mild sweet soup, we like it.

Chayote and Fresh Chinese Yam Soup
300g pork ribs/lean meat
1 - 2 chayotes (佛手瓜 fo shou gua /合掌瓜 hup jeung gwa)
1 fresh chinese yam (淮山 huai shan /山药 shan yao)
1200ml water
Salt to taste

  1. Wash and cut chayotes and chinese yam into cubes.
  2. Blanch pork ribs/lean meat.
  3. Bring water to boil and add all ingredients in a pot. Using medium fire, bring water to boil again and cook for 30 minutes, reduce to small flame and simmer for 2 hours.
  4. Add salt to taste before serving.


WendyinKK said...

The yam wasn't slimy?
I thought that after boiling, the soup will be slimy? How's urs?

My sis in law's mom used the yam for stir fry and it was very nice, but when I do it, the whole dish was slimy.

Casey said...

Is the soup tasted like winter melon soup?
Chayote really looks like winter melon (i mean in the soup), this is 佛手瓜, right? where did you buy it, from market?

hanushi said...

What is chayotes in Chinese? Hehe. Pardon my sua-gu-ness...

Blessed Homemaker said...

Yes, it is very slimy but after cooking, the soup just turns cloudy/milky. I've tried stir fry once but the kids don't eat. And yes, mine was slimy too.

Blessed Homemaker said...

Yes, it is 佛手瓜, can get it from NTUC/markets.

The taste is quite mild, somewhat like other melon kind of soup.

Blessed Homemaker said...

It's commonly known as 佛手瓜 or 合掌瓜.

Christine Ho said...

Love chayote soup very much, very sweet and yummy. My father always asked me to add more ginger because he said this soup is too "cold"(涼) for him if he had too much.

Blessed Homemaker said...

I didn't know chayote is "cooling". Thanks for sharing!