Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake

Whenever I have unfinished mayonnaise, I will use it to bake this cake.  I've blogged about this before but I've done injustice to it with my lousy photographs, so I decide to make another entry.

A few months ago, SM was sharing with me about her ailing grandmother and how her mother toiled through days and nights in the hospital, keeping her grandmother company.  Upon hearing what SM's mom was going through, and I know her family likes chocolate cake, I decided to bake her mom this Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake, hoping that it will cheer her up a little.

I baked a 7" x 7" and gave 1/2 to SM.  Her kids love this and she sms-ed me to ask if I would accept her order.  I feel honoured that I've got kind folks like her asking if I sell my bakes but I feel very stressful when it comes to taking orders.  I prefer to bake and give-away, at least the commitment level is different :P  Yes, call me a coward, I don't like to take on responsibilities like this, definitely too much for me to stomach.

The texture is soft and moist.

I'm submitting this to Aspiring Bakers # 7: Chocolate Delight (May 2011) hosted by DG from Tested & Tasted.

Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake
Adapted from My Cooking Escapades

110g mayonnaise
125ml buttermilk (I used 110ml milk + 15ml lemon juice, stand for  min 10 mins before using)
120g all-purpose plain flour
20g cocoa powder
1-1/2 tsp bicarbonate soda
110g vanilla sugar
1/2 cup chocolate chips (or more), optional

  1. Line a 7" square baking tin with parchment paper (no need to grease).
  2. Sift flour, cocoa and bicarbonate soda together.
  3. Place the sugar and sifted flour mixture into a bowl.
  4. In a separate bowl, mix the mayo and buttermilk till smooth.
  5. Add mayonnaise mixture to the flour and mix till the batter is smooth.
  6. Pour mixture into prepared pan and sprinkle chocolate chips on top.  Bake at 170 deg C for 20-25 minutes or until skewer inserted to centre of cake comes out clean.


Sook said...

I. LOVE. CHOCOLATE. This cake looks so moist and yummy!

CaThY said...

Looks really moist & yummy :)

WendyinKK said...

It feels the same for me.
When money is involved, the emotions during baking is every different.
I prefer doing it for free :)

Unknown said...

I used to have leftover Mayo in the fridge. This is the great recipe to finish it before expiry date. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Bergfeld said...

This is a really lovely cake. I am a first time visitor to your blog and I've spent some time browsing through your earlier entries. I'm so glad I did that. I really Like the food and recipes you feature here. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

DG said...

Interesting recipe! This cake looks rich and fudgy.

ann low said...

The cake looks really moist. I must try this cake one day :)

Chui Chui said...

Hi, may I know 115 is solely for milk? how much we need for butter? Thanks!! =)

Anonymous said...

Nice chocolate cake. I must try baking it. Can I use castor sugar instead of vanilla sugar? / Mabel

Joyce @ Chunky Cooky said...

Looks indeed very moisturely rich !

Yummy Bakes said...

This cake looks really moist. Any brand of mayonnaise will do? Must book-mark this. I feel the same too - extra stressful when taking orders.

j3ss kitch3n said...

so moist and chocolaty! must be real yummy!

Alice said...

love love moist chocolate cake!

sherlyn said...

I feel the same. I do not like to bake to sell.. I rather bake to give pp, actually giving pp already a very big responsibility and stress, cos I have to make sure my hygience is 100% hehe.
This cake is very special, uses mayo ... really wonder how it taste... I hope tp remember to try this .. there are so many to do list that I stop marking .. no use one .. also will forget or lost the markings. keke.

The Sweetylicious said...

wow! this look really moist and chocolaty! (: me too would rather do it for free . . anyways, GREAT JOB! (:

love melody, love baking said...

i gotta try this soon... i always (yes always!) have unfinished mayo that i often have to throw away! i love to bake and share it with my colleagues (coz i will always bring it to the office!) find it hard to accept order coz if the price is to low, it does not seem to justify the time we spend in the kitchen and on the ingredients. if its too pricey, pple might think its more worth to get it fr an established bakery or something...

Blessed Homemaker said...

Thanks for visiting. This is indeed a moist cake.

My kids love this cake!

Blessed Homemaker said...

Whenever there's a transaction involved, the level of responsibility increases. I guess most homebakers will feel that way.

Blessed Homemaker said...

Hope to see your blog entry one day! And don't forget to drop me a note when you do.

Thanks for visiting. I'm a silent reader at your blog.

Blessed Homemaker said...

This cake is not quite fudgy actually, can't quite explain, you need to try it to know it ;-)

I can't wait to see your bakes!

Blessed Homemaker said...

Chui Chui,
There is no butter in this recipe. You will need 125ml buttermilk. If you do not have buttermilk, use 1 tablespoon lemon juice and add to 110ml milk, stand for at least 10 minutes and you have homemade buttermilk.

Blessed Homemaker said...

Yes, you can use caster sugar.

Thanks for visiting.

Blessed Homemaker said...

Yummy Bakes,
Yes, any kind of mayo will do. I used Japanese mayo though.

Taking orders = monetary. To sell, must produce quality bakes. Too stressful for me.

Blessed Homemaker said...

This is a yummy cake (I don't appreciate though :P) but my testers all gave thumbs up.

Thanks for your kind words.

Talking about hygiene, I always wear a disposable hand glove when I handle food to be given away. Really must make sure it is CLEAN.

Blessed Homemaker said...

Looks like there are a lot of bakers who prefer to bake to give away :)

Blessed Homemaker said...

Do let me know how it turn out for you if you try it.

sherlyn said...

Blessed Homemaker .. wear disposable glove I will still be paranoid, cos will worry if the glove is clean .. maybe one step one glove ?:)

Blessed Homemaker said...

You are more paranoid than me :P