Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tampines Eco Green - Part I

Some months ago, we read about this new park, Tampines Eco Green, on our daily newspaper and I decided that we should bring our kids there one day.

View from across the road.

Address: Junction of Tampines Avenue 9 and Tampines Avenue 12

An introduction to Tampines Eco Green.

Entrance to the park

The DOs and DON'Ts but not many abide to it as we saw a few visitors walking their dogs in the park.

This park uses recycled materials in its benches, signboards and bird hides.

Within a few minutes walk from the entrance, we saw a group of photographers , waiting patiently to capture their best shot.  We were trying to peep but couldn't as we didn't want to obstruct the photographers.  Seeing I have 3 curious kids, a kind man passed me a branch with two little creatures on it.

The attraction?  Rhinoceros beetles!!  This is an eye-opener for me as I've never since one like this before.  According to the man, male rhino beetles have horns, the females don't.

Here's the female rhino beetle.

Photographers busy at work (the man on the right was the kind man I mentioned).

It is easy to spot butterflies and dragonflies in this park!

More signboards in the park

Lovely flowers in the park, don't ask me what they are, I don't know.

DD3 got tired after walking and requested to be carried.

DS2 and DD3 behind a Bird Hide, trying to spot some birds but none in sight.

Daddy spotted a butterfly and was explaining to DD3 how butterflies feed themselves.

I like how they make use of the recycled materials to make directional signboards in the park.

DD3's sandal was slightly big and it dropped off when she was trying to catch up with her siblings.

Then she decided she should just walk barefoot and leave her sandals behind :-|

I don't own a DSLR but I'm happy my Canon IXUS95 is able to capture some nice shots.  Not too bad for a dummy camera ;-)

PS: I just bought my DSLR at the beginning of this month!! Yippy!


Anonymous said...

Hi I just wanted to enquire from you. How do I get to the entrance of the tampines Eco green park? I was down there awhile back and I noticed construction is still going on around it. I encircled the place and I still couldn't find the entrance. The area was cordoned of by fencing around it. I saw a trail leading into it but it was blocked of by those plastic wires and a metal make shift fence. From which side did you get into the place? The tampines connector side beside the HDB blocks, from Sun Plaza Park or from the main road beneath the MRT tracks?

Blessed Homemaker said...

When we were there, there was still construction going on. If you look at my first pic, I took this pic from Sun Plaza Park. We entered the park on the left, after the traffic junction.