Thursday, April 21, 2011

Braised Mushroom Meat Sauce (香菇卤肉燥)

During my working days, I have a very close colleague turned friend.  In fact, we are still in touch now, meeting twice yearly on our birthdays.  Probably because we are so close, our many likes and dislikes are similar too.  I used to eat pork, but she doesn't.  So over time, I'm a convert.

After she left the company, I started to eat pork again since my lunch partners are pork eaters.  I never knew pork could be so tasty, didn't know what I've been missing hahaha!  But there is one exception, I won't order minced meat dishes from outside, for I've heard of so much horror stories about what goes into it.

Sometime back, I saw Shirley's Braised Mushroom Meat Sauce recipe and decided to give it a try.  I love mushrooms and added a few more than suggested.

I "ran out" of spring onions so the pictures look slightly bare.  Actually, I grow my own spring onions but they are not fully grown yet.

My family enjoys this dish and whenever I have any leftovers, they go into the freezer.  Great with instant noodles too!  There was also an occassion where I added the frozen stash to fry mee hoon :-)

I've modified the recipe slightly by reducing a small amount of seasonings and did the lazy way out (Shirley removed the fried shallots in Step 3, I didn't).  For those interested in the original recipe, please refer to Shirley's blog here.

300g minced pork
7 - 8 dried mushrooms
4 - 5 red shallots/small red onions, sliced
100ml - 120ml water/chicken stock

1/2 tsp light soy sauce
1/2 tsp dark soy sauce
1/2 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp sesame oil
some corn flour
* you may add more to your liking

1 tbsp Oyster Sauce
1 tbsp Dark Soya Sauce
1 1/2 tbsp Light Soya Sauce
1/2 tbsp Rock Sugar
Dash of White Pepper
Pinch of 5 spice powder (we don't like it too strong so I only added a pinch)
1 tbsp Rice Wine (I used ginger wine)

  1. Season minced pork with seasonings.
  2. Soak mushrooms in water and dice into small cubes.
  3. In a heated wok, add 1 - 2 tbsp oil, fry sliced shallots until brown and crispy.
  4. Add mushroom and fry till fragrant.  Add minced meat and stir fry until 70% cooked. 
  5. Add sauce ingredients (please feel free to adjust according to taste).
  6. Add water/chicken stock and simmer on low heat for one hour. Turn off heat and if possible leave the minced meat over night (I usually cook this in the morning with my thermal pot and we have it for dinner).
  7. Heat up again before serving.  If a thicker texture is preferred, thicken with a little potato starch solution.


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

yes, this is good, good to accompany with steamed rice and noodles, YUM!

Angel @ Cook.Bake.Love said...

Same here, when I order Pan Mian I always ask the stall owner to omit the minced pork. :P

I like this dish it's like Taiwan 卤肉饭, I don't feel like having lots of pork when eating this. Urs look very tempting with the gravy. The last time I cooked this I think I added too little water, end up don't have much gravy.

mossycheong said...

This is my Wife's Favourite! Will definitely try.


Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

I am really glad you got to try this! This is a really versatile dish and you can use it many ways. Well done! Your meat sauce looks absolutely delicious!

Anonymous said...

Dear blessed homemaker, I just tried the banana cake but I half the receipe, it still turns out great. DH says its the best so far. I have also tried the baked crispy chicken wings, really easy and nice. Will definitely try this dish you put up here. /Mabel

ann low said...

I also love this braised mushroom meat sauce very much especially the kids, they really can eat extra rice when I cook this dish.

Juliana said...

Wow, this looks delicious, reminds me of what my mom used to make it. Hope you are having a great week :-)

Ean said...

I made for my family, everyone loves it. Thanks alot