Thursday, July 15, 2010

Simple Fried Rice

It had been a fairly bad week for me and I'm glad DH is finally home, to share and listen to my sorrows.

When I thought what I've gone through was bad, I received a call about DL and her family.  Her single income DH  took the rap for someone else's mistakes and is currently jobless.  They can hardly make ends meet now.  So what are my problems compared to hers?  My problems seem so insignificant and I appeared too petty for the way I behaved.  What I thought were problems no longer pose as issues now, in fact, they appear more like a blessing to me after listening to DL's story.  I don't wish to be reminded of my blessings through them, but unfortunately, that is usually the case.  I pray for their well-being and I hope her husband finds a job soon.

Whenever my brain goes into hibernation, I end up cooking fried rice, usually with long beans and ham (I always have them in my freezer, for "emergencies").  I dislike feeding my family with processed food but if I really have to, I always convince myself that it is still better than eating outside food, at least it is home-cooked.

Simple Fried Rice
3 pcs Honey Baked Ham, diced/julienned (can use luncheon meat too)
200g long beans, finely cut
1 small carrot, julienned
2 cloves garlic, chopped
5 cloves shallot, chopped
some corn/sunflower oil
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
some pepper
some salt to taste (optional)
3 cups cooked rice

  1. Heat up some oil in a wok and add 1/2 portion garlic and shallot, cook till fragrant. Add in carrot, stir fry briefly and add in long beans. Lastly, add in ham to stir fry.  Dish out and set aside.
  2. In the same wok, heat up some oil and add balance garlic and shallot. Add in rice and let it sit for a minute without disturbing.  Using medium high heat, stir fry rice (you will hear the hissing sound), add dark soy sauce and pepper to taste. Stir well and finally add in the fried ham and long beans. Mix well and dish up. Serve hot.


Unknown said...

If I can't think of a dish to order and I want something simple, it is usually fried rice. Test of a good cook!! LOL

busygran said...

When it's home-cooked you control the amount of oil, type of oil and the amount of salt and no msg. That's good enough than a balanced meal outside, ladened with unhealthy, recycled oil and lots of salt and msg.

Angel @ Cook.Bake.Love said...

Wow, the fried rice looks delicous, I like the kimchi side dish.

Btw, I have an award for you, please feel free to pick it up from my blog.

Meldylocks and Her Three Bears said...

I feel it's ok to eat processed food once in a while, I seldom use ham though coz I always use eggs or dried mushrooms when i'm out of pork/chicken. But I sometimes cook canned food such as baked beans and sardines which I think are just as bad. :P

Happy Homebaker said...

It is never easy to be on your own with 3 young children and a dog. It makes small problems appear huge especially when your spouse is not around. It is quite usual for me to be on this 'mode', and yet I have to constantly remind myself that I am very lucky to be able to face those little problems I encounter every now and then.

I am sorry to hear about your friend's plight, I hope her husband will get a job soon.

btw, I cook fried rice even though my brain isn't going into hibernation mode ;) I like to cook it with fresh 'pepper lunch' imitation, this way I don't have to resort to ham or luncheon meat, and I will feel less guilty :)

Blessed Homemaker said...

Keats The Sunshine Girl,
True, a simple dish can test the skills of a cook. I'm blessed to have a non fussy eating family :P

Thanks for the reassurance.

That's my MIL's homemade kimchi ;-)

Thanks for the award, I just rem I have another award but forgotten where to collect :P

Blessed Homemaker said...

Like you said, it's ok to eat processed food once in a while. But I always console myself, being Asians, we don't eat too much processed food so even eating it once a week is not too much :P

Blessed Homemaker said...

Thanks! You've been my biggest inspiration.

Due to health reason, DH is not eating salmon so it's tough to incorporate that into our meals. But I love salmon! Your "pepper lunch" imitation soulds great! Think I'll cook that the next time DH is away ;-)