Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fund Raising Appeal

I came across this blog in a mothers' forum and I was saddened by it. This girl, Charmaine, is barely 4 but she has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma (cancer - stage 4). Her chance of survival is very low if she continues to seek treatment here in Singapore. Her chance will be higher if she receive a drug treatment from New York, but the medical fee is USD350,000 for upfront deposit.

Her mother, Cynthia Lim, is a divorcee. When she was pregnant with Charmaine, she received an sms asking for a divorce. Her husband left her for her good friend.

Do take a little time to visit her blog.

Little Charmaine's blog

Her medical report

Her mother's appeal

A quote from her blog, "Charmaine needs bullets to fight". Are you willing to be her weapon?

Coincidentally, I received an email from sister E today. She sent me the appeal link and mentioned that Cynthia is her ex-colleague. I decided to blog about this and seek your help in her fund raising appeal. Thanks!

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