Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fried Bee Hoon

DH is basically not an outdoor person, he very much prefers to stay at home or bring the kids to the mall.  I remember my childhood days, when I was young, my father used to bring us to East Coast Park for a swim.  I love family outings and always looking forward to it.

Now that I have started my own family, I like to them to be near nature, to learn to appreciate the tiny little things in life, and not simply be attracted to electronic games/TV programs.  I'm glad to say that I've successfully "converted" DH to be more outdoor going :-)

For our weekends, we usually spend our days at the Singapore Zoo or at the beach.  Thanks to DS2's swimming lesson, we now spend most of our afternoon at the beach after his lessons :-)

DD1 enjoying herself, didn't even realised I was taking a picture of her.  Don't ask me why her hands are up, I asked, she said she just felt good doing that.

The siblings cooperated and dug a big hole, hoping to fill it up when the tide comes in.

My dainty little girl, initially whining about the sand in her shoes, but soon got used to it and decided to join in the fun.

My boring old man, playing iPad at the beach :'-|

Have to be fair to DH, don't want to do an injustice to him, he "dumped" his iPad and played frisbee with the kids :-) 

That's my dog's frisbee by the way, we bought a few from Australia when DH was studying there.  We've tried many different types of frisbee, from "branded" (with much rave and great reviews) to simply no brands, and we found that this suit us best.  It is light weight and easy on the grip (for both dog and human).  As it wears and tears relatively fast, I got brother K to buy as many as he could when he visits Australia.  And when we travelled to Australia for our own holiday again, we will wipe up whatever we can find at the store.  Over the years, we bought over 2 dozens (4 more left in our storeroom now).

Not much food variety at the beach so I always try to prepare some simple food for our lunch/dinner there.  It is usually fried bee hoon as I find it very versatile, adding whatever ingredients I have sitting in my fridge.  Whenever I cook a one pot dish, I prefer to add in more veggies but DH prefers his been hoon "plain".  And I think I've been cooking this too regularly, so much so that DH is requesting that I stop cooking this for a while :P

Honestly speaking, I don't think there are too much ingredients, I'll very much prefer to add more but I was left with just some cabbage and a small carrot.  Anyway, food is secondary.  Most importantly, the family had a great time bonding together :-)


WendyinKK said...

That's a nice way to spend the weekend. My hubby is like ur DH. prefers home or malls. LOL. And can never stop fiddling with his "I dunno what phone", think it's a HTC, if that's what they call it. I could only bring my kids out when I am with my brothers. So kelian, I mean my kids, hahaha.
I think ur hubby prefers more bee hoon eh, compared to so much liao.

elpi said...

Oh I am jealous lol. .Love the air coming from the sea, so free! You have all the time to think. Enjoy the sand and play with it:)such a wonderful place

MaryMoh said...

A lovely family post...very warming to read it. Kids grow up so fast. Have fun with them before they leave home! :D

Happy Homebaker said...

I like taking my kids outdoors too! We usually bring them to the beaches, west coast park (fly kite), changi boardwalk, tree top walk, BT hill, etc. My kids can play with the sand for hours at the beach. They never seems to get tired with digging ;)

Aunty Liew said...

It seems you and your family had have a great family day together that day at the beach. I like your bee hoon. Usually, mine one is dark in colour,because i add in dark soy sauce.

Pei-Lin said...

Ya, ya! Family bonding time takes more importance since urbanites like us don't get to sit down and eat together a lot. Sigh! Glad that your family enjoyed the day out!

Hmmm ... I noticed you don't use 老抽 or 晒油 for your fried bihun. My family has a habit of throwing a little bit of dark color into the noodles ... which has affected my cooking habit, too. LOL!

Blessed Homemaker said...

I guess most men are into gadgets. I'm a gadget idiot and I use a very basic phone :P

Thanks for visiting.

Blessed Homemaker said...

Thanks for the reminder. I've been telling myself how fortunate I am to be able to spend my time with them while they are still clinging onto me.

Blessed Homemaker said...

My kids love the sand too. They don't initially as they weren't exposed to it. But after spending a few sessions there, they fell in love with it and can play for hours too.

Blessed Homemaker said...

Wai Kitt,
I cook my bee hoon differently each time so that they don't get sick of eating it.

Blessed Homemaker said...

I do add light/dark soy sauce too, sometimes oyster sauce and even fish sauce. Just happened that this time I used only sea salt ;-)