Thursday, June 23, 2011

Malacca, March 2011 - Part 3

We have already returned from recent holiday in June but I'm not done posting the pictures for our holidays back in March :P  Going to make it quick and short here, for my own reference.

For those interested, you may check out my earlier posts on our visit to Malacca here and here.

Nancy's Kitchen
Food wise so-so, nothing to shout about.

 Pork Pongteh (RM10) - too sweet for us

Softshell crab (RM12) -  taste normal, nothing fantastic

 Assam Fish (RM42) - this is the only dish we like

Fried Egg with Cincalok (RM6) - cannot find any attraction in this dish

Fried Angle Bean (RM8) - the beans tasted extremely old and chewy, despite asking for less chilli (for the kids), we still find it way too spicy for the adults.

Cendol (RM3) -  Nothing fantastic too but I thought it tasted better than Jonker 88 (read review here).

Total bill: RM107.65 including steamed rice and 4 drinks.

From a Singaporean standard, not an expensive dinner but as far as I'm concern, it is not value for money.  With the same amount, I'll rather go back to Teo Loong Chan Teochew Seafood Restaurant.

We spent a total of RM1900 nett for 3 days 2 nights in Malacca, 3A + 3C.  This marks the end of our 2nd trip to Malacca.

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