Friday, November 4, 2011

Lotus Roots with Cranberry Beans Soup

I'm a person who don't like confrontation.  But if need be, I'll do it protect myself and/or my family.

Of late, I've been getting nasty comments in my blog.  I might have stepped onto someone's toes ever since I blogged about the life of a SAHM.  I have received a few not too polite comments in my blog.  Besides blog, there was also some unpleasant instant messaging exchange with a friend.  To quote in general, the comments were "not everyone is interested to know the life of a sahm or to put themselves in my position".  Yes, I can fully understand and accept this fact.  But these people forgotten that this is MY BLOG.  If you don't like reading my posting, a simple solution is, don't visit me.  And to think that such similar remark came from a close friend, I felt disheartened.  No, I'm not angry with her, but just didn't expect something like this to come from her.  Anyway, life goes on and I still value her as a friend.

So, what's cooking?  This is a frequent question that pops up in my msn/skype.  I wonder what's my cooking got to do with you?  I'm not inviting you over for dinner so why ask for the sake of asking?  Hmm...

Anyway, just to share one of my favourite soup, Lotus Roots with Cranberry Beans Soup.  I love the nutty taste of cranberry beans.  I don't cook with peanuts for children under 5 years of age so I replaced peanuts with cranberry beans and I think the soup taste equally good too!  Alright, confession time, I didn't create this soup, I learnt it from Sis C.

Look how beautiful these gems are!  And they taste great too!  (my kids don't like the cranberry beans though they don't mind drinking the soup).

My little helpers at work (this pic was taken in Aug 2009, DD3 was 1.5 years old then).  I like to get them involved in the preparation to make them feel useful :-)

Lotus Roots with Cranberry Beans Soup
300g pork ribs
1 large or 2 medium section of lotus roots, remove skin and cut into slices/chucks
250g - 300g cranberry beans/shell beans, shells removed
10 - 15 pitted red dates
5 dried scallops (optional)
1 dried cuttlefish (optional)
1.5 - 2 litres water
Salt to taste

  • Blanch pork ribs with boiling water.
  • In a pot, bring 1.5 litre water to boil and add all ingredients (except cranberry beans). Using medium fire, bring water to boil again and cook for 10 - 15 minutes, reduce to small flame and simmer for 2 hours.
  • Add in cranberry beans and let it cook for another 30 mins - 1 hour.
  • Add salt to taste before serving.


WendyinKK said...

thanks for sharing this recipe.
I just cooked cranberry bean soup after ages not cooking it.
I'll add in lotus root the next time and I won't buy the podded ones, and I'll make my kids pod them for me, for the fun of it. Thanks!

Small Small Baker said...

I like these cranberry beans too! I went back to read your post about SAHM. I'm not married but I know SAHM is not an easy job to do. I don't understand why people say nasty things about SAHM, esp when it comes from a friend, it must be very hurting. No need to get upset over people who don't care about you. Jia you! :)

Happy Homebaker said...

We can ignore comments from strangers but coming from a close friend must be quite hard on you...hope you can get over it soon.

I didn't know those beans are known as cranberry beans, I only know the Chinese term. Thanks for sharing :)

An Unreachable Dream said...

After reading your previous post'Life of a SAHM' I couldn't help bursting into tears. Your writing reminds me of my past life when children were still young and needed lots of care, specially when you have a toddler as well as kids at schooling age. After a long struggle and children have finally grown up, (when you thought you have got your life back)you still have to struggle to find back those lost dreams. Being a SAHM is a big sacrifice, but our husbands know we did a great job and our children know they have a great mom. After all we do all these just for our family, ignore those people who are too 'lucky' to understand our situation. Good luck and be proud of being a super SAHM.

Peng said...

hmmm the name of the beans sounds so sweet :D i yet to try cooking with these beans! will love to try out someday :D

Jewelle said...

Let her/him be, my fellow SAHM. Don't make any more space or give further thoughts to people like that.

I'm just like you, SAHM with 3 kids (8, 6 & 2) with no maid. Do continue with your wonderful recipes.

p/s Never seen cranberries like these though

Anonymous said...


Just wanna to say I always salute to all mothers who can be SAHM. It is really not an easy job.

For me, I am a FT working mum. I have always think to be one, just that I dun have the courage. It is definitely not easy; especially your kids are still young. At least in office, I can have a bit of time to myself.

I really feel sorry for you when i see those negative comments. Is your blog, and you have the right to say anything you want. Especially, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what you have written.

I believe totally in what you have written cos I encountered those during the days when I am not working and alone with the kids. You definitely not writing to 'show off', all the more, you should write more often to express, otherwise you will go 'mad' one day. :)

You have all my support. Take Care!!!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

today i going to cook this soup, but actually i dont know the name is called as cranberry beans. Thanks for sharing.

Siang Ling Seow Ling Ethan & Elkan said...

Hi Just want to let you know that I chance upon your webside and you are amazing! Although a stay-at-home mum, you are really amazing being able to cook, Housework , Bake & Blog. Although I am working fulltime, I cannot even achieve a single thing during the weekends. What you have sacrifice is for the family and some people they will not understand. Comparatively I feel embrassed as I do not know how to cook/bake. I need to learn from you man Jia You!

Edith said...

I didn't know this is known as cranberry bean. I lvoe this one, make some soup with it not too long ago. Yummy.

Blessed Homemaker said...

Thanks all for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing, i just cooked this yesterday night. my family likes the soup. Mich